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Research Library Facilities

Museum Staff are encouraged to attend orientation sessions to familiarise themselves with the Research Library's facilities.  Please contact Research Library staff for a time, refresher tours are welcomed.

Visiting researchers are provided a brief tour of the Research Library upon arrival.  Listed below are some of the main facilities:

  • Open access shelves house the General, Reference and Serial collections. Each separate collection can be identified by a prefix, for example REF = Reference.  See Finding materials on the shelves for more information on prefixes.
  • Computers are available for readers to consult the Research Library catalogue or online subscribed resources.
  • Public wifi is available as well as the use of a photocopier that can scan and email (please note copyright provisions must be adhered to).  Some items require the use of the Research Library's flatbed book scanner; this service is at the discretion of Research Library staff and available resources.
  • Reading Room: a lovely space with a view of the lake, which is available to all Museum staff and researchers.  This room is also where Special collection items are to be viewed.
  • The Rare Books room is a special climate-controlled room which houses our more fragile items.  To view Rare items a prior appointment must be made, please phone 6208 5112 or email   Note: Due to their condition, some rare items are not available for viewing.

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