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Koori bedeutet Mensch =
Produced by Sybille Castens ; Jean-Baptiste Hoppner. "The Yuin live at the South Coast of NSW. Until 200 years ago in harmony with Nature, and themselves. They are Urban Aboriginal who had to cope with the lifestyle of the white culture, imposed on them. Once in internment camps, shattered around their country - today in the former camps or in the ghettos of the villages and cites. Here in NSW, where the occupation of the British Crown began, here started the extinction and annihilation of people and culture. Dispossession and banishment, prohibition of traditions, the Stolen generations, - all this lead to the creeping loss of their cultural identity. But the Yuin fight assiduously against the fading of their culture. They get their dreamtime stories back. Some work as artist and authors to retain as much as possible. at the mother Goddess mountain Gulaga they search for a dreaming to get back a life of dignity. And to a certain extent they share with us their knowledge about nature. We just have to listen. And be aware."--DVD cover. German and English.