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National Museum of Australia journals and magazines

About this collection and search page:

Catalogue records for this collection comprise analytical entries that describe single journal issues of periodicals published by the National Museum of Australia.
These records include table of contents information to aid discoverability of articles written about the Museum's collections, exhibitions, and programs. Where applicable, links to online full-text articles are provided.

Analytical entries are included for: Annual report (1980-current) -- The Museum (2012-current) -- reCollections : journal of the National Museum of Australia (2006-2016) -- Goree (2004-2017) -- Friends magazine (1989-2011).
Please note that this search page will limit results to these single journal issues. Results for these items also appear in relevant keyword searches performed of the whole catalogue. To browse the full list of analytical entries available for this collection, select 'Browse NMA Journals' from the left-side menu.